Thursday, February 03, 2005

Quiet place by River Severn - watercolour

I wanted to put up a few photos of places around Shrewsbury but the albums appear to be hiding... so pending the discovery of those photos, I decided to post a photo of a water-colour that I did last year (while learning the basics of water-colour painting).

Anyway, this is my favourite place by the river in the park/play area/open grounds called The Quarry, in Shrewsbury. The exercise of artistic licence has removed any traces of benches by the riverbank, and also of people sitting there! :) I like my favourite place to be peaceful and without pesky kids fooling around - if only in my imagination.

PS. Anybody at all genuinely artistic - please reserve your comments! I'm aware of my limitations as a painter! Cover Up
(Princess, this goes ESPECIALLY for you, you multi-talented multi-faceted multi-personality! ;) )


Harish said...

Me can sketch, doodle cartoons. Paintin' is something I can't do for the life of me!

rendu vaarthaila solla pona.. Me likey!! :)

Shyam said...

Me likey too, despite the hundreds of things wrong with it (for details, ask my instructor) :) Thanks, Magix!

F e r r a r i said...

Too Good. I like very much. If at all you get time, can you paint portrait of Michael Schumacher. And a ferrari car?

Shyam said...

Hahahahahaha! Me do portraits??? Or paint pictures of cars??? You're mistaking me for a real artist! Prabhu, if only I could do portraits, I would definitely do one of Schumi for you :)