Thursday, February 17, 2005

The pond in The Dingle

View of the Dingle (a pretty landscaped garden with a serene pond) set in the middle of the Quarry, which is a big open green, with River Severn running through it, in the middle of the town.

Path to nowhere, but so pretty

A pretty, landscaped pathway inside the Dingle

The Dingle again

A wider view of the Dingle, which is set in a depression within the Quarry grounds. The brown hedge at the top runs right around the Dingle. The paths wind around flower beds, which are wildly colourful in the summer, but right now are just green and grassy.

Dumb duck!

Bah, the mallard twisted its neck around to rootle in its feathers - JUST as I clicked! Till then it was posing nicely, showing off the iridiscent green feathers that I wanted to catch on camera.

Weeping willows in winter

Graceful trees, these - and beautifully green in the summer. Still pretty now, though.

Unknown beautiful flowers

If only I could capture the fragrance of these flowers... they bloom only in winter and they smell heavenly! The rest of the year, they have dull green, sharp-edged leaves that scratch unwary passers-by who get too close to it. (I discovered both these facts myself - by hands-on experience, shall we say). Dunno what the plant is called.

The Riverside Pub (or some such thing)

All I know is, it's picturesque

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Quiet place by River Severn - watercolour

I wanted to put up a few photos of places around Shrewsbury but the albums appear to be hiding... so pending the discovery of those photos, I decided to post a photo of a water-colour that I did last year (while learning the basics of water-colour painting).

Anyway, this is my favourite place by the river in the park/play area/open grounds called The Quarry, in Shrewsbury. The exercise of artistic licence has removed any traces of benches by the riverbank, and also of people sitting there! :) I like my favourite place to be peaceful and without pesky kids fooling around - if only in my imagination.

PS. Anybody at all genuinely artistic - please reserve your comments! I'm aware of my limitations as a painter! Cover Up
(Princess, this goes ESPECIALLY for you, you multi-talented multi-faceted multi-personality! ;) )